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Anna Pavlova springs to life once more in her only performance on film

Thanks to the Library of Congress, audiences can see clear footage of Anna Pavlova on film. Last year the library

A full house for the Melbourne Ballet Company in Sydney although ‘ballet’ took a back seat in the program

The high point of the Melbourne Ballet Company’s triple bill in Sydney was the middle of the middle. It came

Alister Grant on playing the music for ballet class: “The whole point of being there is to make people feel good about what they’re doing”

Alister has left the building. And down at the Walsh Bay wharf in Sydney, we’re all the worse for his

A new insight into the world of Balanchine and Kirstein from the writer, editor and publisher, Robert Gottlieb

Robert Gottlieb, aged 12, didn’t care much for Giselle, even though he saw Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin dance the

The Sydney Opera House has found a perfect place for a kitchen: The Australian Ballet’s rehearsal room

When it comes to a choice of the dollar or the artist the winner is almost always the dollar. For

The game is on and this time the players are the dancers

Australia. The country that loves sport, especially men’s sport. The country where sports news eats up a large chunk of

Both a dance work and an artwork, Spectra explores the inevitability of connection

Seven dancers stand in line, each with a hand holding another’s elbow and as their arms rotate there appears to

Nude Live: This walk on the calm side might well be the highlight of the 2017 Sydney Festival

Dancers have performed naked before and choreographers have used the adagietto from Mahler’s Fifth Symphony before. But it was the

Peter Farmer: The ‘wonderful artist’ who gave so much to so many

When Peter Farmer was at the Australian Ballet Centre, designing the sets and costumes for Stanton Welch’s Madame Butterfly, he

The light and shade of 2016

The men and women who lit up Australian stages this year: David Hallberg After more than two years recovering from