Bonachela to sign new contract at SDC

The board of Sydney Dance Company has extended the term of its artistic director, Rafael Bonachela, for a further three years. His initial contract, which began in January 2009, will end this coming December but with the extension, he will remain in the job until the end of 2014.

The news comes two days before the SDC opens a new season at the Sydney Theatre and ahead of an expected announcement of further international touring this year.

SDC’s publicity and marketing team has been busy these past few weeks with an extensive campaign advertising the new season of Shared Frequencies with images of a group of naked dancers which triggered such headlines as Naked Ambition.

News of the contract extension, dropped casually at the end of an item on tonight’s 7.30 on ABC-TV, comes just before the Sydney season of Mod Dance Company, a vehicle for the work of the SDC’s former artistic director, Graeme Murphy.

Among those who worked on Suite Synergy are ex-SDC personnel, Bradley Chatfield and Shane Placentino, while the company’s artistic director and associate artistic director, Brett Morgan and Teagan Lowe are also ex SDC as are at least four of the dancers in Mod.

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Rafael Bonachela

Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company’s artistic director