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Flying dreams and dancing animals: How children’s tales migrated to the ballet stage

Lauren Cuthbertson as Alice and Sergei Polunin as the Knave of Hearts in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Royal Ballet, photo © Johan Persson

This article first appeared in the Australian Ballet’s publication, Balletomane. If Wonderland were a destination, we could take our seats

How Disney added a spoonful of saccharine to Mary Poppins

Dick van Dyke, Karen Dotrice, Matthew Garber and Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney movie, Mary Poppins

This article was published in The Sunday Times today, 27 October, 2013 Pamela Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins, spent

Pamela Travers, her life, my biography, Disney’s movie

Pamela Travers, 1995, photo © Jane  Bown

Dancelines is of course a site about dance, and this post is not. Well, only indirectly, in that the creator

Mary Poppins, please turn out your toes

Mary Poppins in the Kitchen

Mary Poppins started her life as peg doll. But it wasn’t long before the wooden body with a wooden expression