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Helpmann Award nominees for 2012

A Chorus LIne, 2012 production, Tim Lawson in association with Adelaide Festival Centre

Before his career as an actor, choreographer, director and producer, Robert Helpmann was a dancer. As a student he danced

Last dances for François

Timeless Dances, Francois Klaus, photo © Ken Sparrow

The Queensland Ballet’s International Gala, an annual event, will showcase the guest dancers Jón Vallejo and Chantelle Kerr (Semperoper Ballett

Garry Stewart’s body work: Be Your Self

Be Your Self, photo © Chris Herzfeld

The head of a woman emerges from what seems like a white screen made up of many small square tiles.

Tanja Liedtke on film: a tribute to her brief but brilliant life

Tanja Liedtke, self portrait

The appointment was for 10am, the place was the top floor of a hotel in Macquarie Street in Sydney’s CBD

A century of Fauns

Paul White, Anatomy of an Afternoon

The editor of Le Figaro did not hold back. Reviewing the premiere of Nijinsky’s L’Après midi d’un Faune, he massacred

Natalie Weir’s big night

Where the Heart Is

The artistic director of Queensland’s Expressions Dance Company picked up two major awards at the Helpmann Awards at the Sydney