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When the baby ballerinas took a detour to the silver screen


How many ballet dancers these days become actors? There are some, of course, including Baryshnikov, but I think the peak

Madame Larose in her underground treasure cave

Olga Larose and Anna Tchinarova backstage at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, January 1940, photo © Norman Brown

As a postscript to the mystery man of Colonel de Basil’s Ballets Russes, Otis Pearce, this is the much briefer

Balanchine and Toumanova: the mysterious video tributes from Georgia

Tamara Toumanova, photographer unknown

Toni Bentley, one of the most eloquent writers about dance was sent a mysterious email a few months ago. Although

How a crumbling roof in Dorset brought a Ballets Russes’ gallery to Australia

Tamara Toumanova 1934

I first saw these Ballets Russes’ drawings at Martyn Cook’s antique showroom in Queen Street, Woollahra in 2009. They’ve intrigued