Monthly Archives: April 2011

Chistopher Wheeldon premiere

Is Christopher Wheedon the world’s busiest ballet choreographer? I think so. His Number Nine has just premiered in San Francisco

Butterflies and memories

The faces of some dancers remain imprinted in the memory long after the dancers have retired. One still sees that

Mod Dance: Suite Synergy

When Graeme Murphy created Free Radicals 17 years go, he set out to synchronise percussive sounds with the human body.

Rachel Cameron obituary

The inspirational teacher and dancer Rachel Cameron has died aged aged 86. Born in Brisbane, she trained in Sydney and

More ballet death threats

When Jennifer Homans wrote that ballet is dead in her book, Apollo’s Angels, it could be shrugged off – in

The Blue Bird and the Princess of Monaco

Ballet and the ruling Grimaldi family of Monaco have danced cheek to cheek for a century. But the death last