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Akram Khan on mortality, truth and commercial imperatives

Described as brilliant, bonkers, bizarre and, of course, terribly British – the artistic element of the Olympic Games opening ceremony

Last dances for François

The Queensland Ballet’s International Gala, an annual event, will showcase the guest dancers Jón Vallejo and Chantelle Kerr (Semperoper Ballett

Balanchine and Toumanova: the mysterious video tributes from Georgia

Toni Bentley, one of the most eloquent writers about dance was sent a mysterious email a few months ago. Although

Frances in the Zone

To be “in the zone” means total immersion in the moment, as in “going with the flow”. But, for fans

In the northern summer, Australian dancers on the move

When the holiday season begins in the northern hemisphere, dance companies begin to announce promotions, joiners and leavers and this

Keith and Colin: it was all strictly ballroom – in the beginning

The tributes and obituaries for Keith Bain, who died on July 4, show once more how ballroom dancing was such

Hilarion steps out of the shadows….

The village gamekeeper thought he might win the pretty Giselle, but along came a good-looking boy called Loys. Hilarion is

The links to dance’s past

One of the best things about writing dancelines has been the new connections to people who knew the dancers and