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Anna Karenina: Tolstoy’s tragedy interpreted by six choreographers

Anna Karenina, the movie directed by Joe Wright and starring Kiera Knightley, opens with a painting of the curtain at

The other Russian ballet drama: Kekhman and the Mikhailovsky

With so much media attention on the Bolshoi Ballet due to the attack in January on its artistic director, the

Rojo and Polunin: “The dancers become the dance”

February in London can be the nastiest month of the year. Winter lingers. Seasonal affective disorder gets a grip. The

What dreams might come as Kylián sleeps

Hamlet asked “what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil?” Doubters of the afterlife would say

Pavlova’s Italian escape, captured by the camera of Gianni

Among the many full-page photographs in the new book, Anna Pavlova, Twentieth Century Ballerina, three in particular caught my eye.

Nigel Gaynor on conducting for ballet

Here’s an interesting interview with Nigel Gaynor, the new music director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet. He talks about

Boys (almost) scoop the scholarship pool at the 2013 Prix de Lausanne

The 2013 Prix de Lausanne might have set a record for the male/female ratio of dancers who reached the finals