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The Big 40 for Don Quixote and the Friends of the Australian Ballet

The Friends of the Australian Ballet NSW is marking its 40th year with a special screening in Sydney of the

RIP Spring Dance at the Sydney Opera House

Spring Dance at the Sydney Opera House has come to the end of its life. Louise Herron, the chief executive

The class of ’48, presented by Helpmann at his most “British”

A dancelines’ reader has asked if anyone can identify Elaine Fifield among the dancers in the second video below. She

Osipova and Vasiliev: A trip to the moon on gossamer wings

Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev don’t just dance Don Quixote at a level of perfection we seldom, if ever, see.

Guillem and the Pink Panther: a partnership that wasn’t to be

6000 Miles Away, a showcase for Sylvie Guillem, is the umbrella title for three works by the distinguished Europe-based choreographers,

Rearranged by Forsythe and de-glamourised by Ek, Sylvie still shows that perfect line that comes from her ballet beginnings

In Sylvie Guillem’s production, 6000 Miles Away, William Forsythe’s abstract duet, Rearray, is the brain and Mats Ek’s melancholy solo,

The law of unforeseen consequences unfolds at the Bolshoi Ballet

Many years ago a newspaper editor introduced me to the “law of unforeseen consequences”. It’s a distant cousin of Murphy’s

The best came last in Sydney Dance Company’s new look of 2013

With De Novo, the umbrella title for Sydney Dance Company’s new triple bill, Rafael Bonachela has put together a program

The mirror images of Beauty reflected through the eyes of Ezio Frigerio

Watching a DVD filmed in 1999 of Rudolf Nureyev’s production of The Sleeping Beauty for the Paris Opera Ballet I