A truck load of Yorricks

Rumour has it that the Australian Ballet’s new Romeo & Juliet, premiering on 13 September, features body parts falling onto the stage.

It looks as though a collective of skulls is among them.

The photo was supplied to the Herald Sun and said to be taken by a reader called Sarah.

She was worried about the bones. What were they? A load of skulls for the grave yard scene in Hamlet?

“It had me totally puzzled, said Sarah. “I never would have guessed it was for the ballet,” the Northcote resident said.

“I saw it, did a double take, then took a photo because I thought there’s no way anyone will believe me.

“The driver was as calm as anything, but I wasn’t. It’s not the sort of thing you usually see on your way to work. Freaky.”

But wait a moment. Why were they visible to all, their little skull eyes staring out from within their shabby container wrapped up with Hermes coloured ribbon?

Surely not asking to be seen? Surely not.

Many ballet story headlines use the word pointe but the Herald Sun’s takes the award for the worst pointe line ever:

“After headhunt, we dig the pointe over truckload of skull”.

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Skulls for Romeo & Juliet, photo “supplied” and published in Herald Sun, September 9, 2011