Australian Ballet promotions

Amber Scott, Leanne Stojmenov and Andrew Killian were promoted tonight on stage during the opening night of the Australian Ballet’s British Liaisons season, at the Sydney Opera House.
The two women learned the good news from the company’s artistic director, David McAllister, after they danced in Kenneth MacMillan’s Concerto, while Killian’s promotion was announced after his performance in Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain.
All three dancers were previously ranked as senior artists.
The promotions mean the national company now has 14 principal artists. When Kirsty Martin retires in the middle of the year, there will be female/male ratio of 7:6. In my opinion, the company still needs more men at the top ranks as strong partners for the women and to share this workload with principal, Robert Curran. At the premiere, Curran partnered both Scott in Concerto and Robyn Hendricks in After the Rain and these performances followed his performances as Pinkerton, the lead male role in Madame Butterfly.
Scott’s articulation and musicality was especially clear this evening while Hendricks made so much of the beautiful pas de deux in After the Rain.

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The Australian Ballet’s new principals, Amber Scott, Andrew Killian and Leanne Stojmenov. Photo, James Braund