Australian Ballet’s live internet broadcast

The Australian Ballet announced today that it will present a live internet broadcast of its Bodytorque.Muses program.

BigPond will live stream the final performance of Bodytorque.Muses at Sydney Theatre on 29 May at 3pm at

The broadcast will be available to all internet users in Australia and worldwide – not just BigPond customers. The content will later be available to view as video on demand.

In its media release today, the AB said this initiative was designed to let audiences out of mainstage reach, such as those in regional and remote communities, be part of “the ballet experience”.

It’s a very long time since the company toured all of Australia as it did, for example, in the 1960s, when two troupes were sent out on weeks- long tours throughout South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

As part of its announcement today, the Australian Ballet highlighted the way it was expanding its reach and developing interlocking networks.

Today, like so many other dance companies, it’s marketing itself directly to the public through social media, such its Facebook page, which has 25,600 ‘fans’ and its blog, ‘Behind Ballet’ (with about 25,000 followers).

The Sydney Dance Company, meanwhile, has been pushing out the videos on its website while its artistic director, Rafael Bonachela, is very busy on Twitter.

As the networks become more sophisticated, and direct marketing more widespread, a question arises: will performing arts companies eventually bypass traditional media altogether, especially with the concept of “citizen” reviews coming into the picture?

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Bodytorque, Dana Stephensen and Brett Simon. Photo by Paul Empson.