Here is a list of books that Valerie has written.

  • Mary Poppins She Wrote - Cover by Hatchette

    Mary Poppins, She Wrote

    A new edition of this book has now been released to tie in with the new Disney movie, Saving Mr Banks, starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. You can purchase it on Amazon or contact me for more information. It tells true story of the Australian writer, P L Travers, creator of the quintessentially English nanny. This biography has had many incarnations. Like Mary Poppins herself, it never really goes away. First published by Hodder Headline in 1999 as Out of the Sky She Came, it was published by Aurum in the United Kingdom in 2005 and by Simon & Schuster in the United States in 2006. The latter two imprints coincided with the opening of Mary Poppins the Musical, first in London then in New York. An edition by Hachette, with a new afterword, was published in 2010 to coincide with the opening of Mary Poppins the Musical in Australia. The latest film tie-in edition has been published in the United States and Australia and will soon be available in Brazil and Poland. The movie depicts scenes from Travers' youth and her battle with Walt Disney over the film rights to Mary Poppins. Travers' relationship with her father and with Disney are both covered extensively in my biography.

  • The Allens Affair cover image

    The Allens Affair

    How one man shook the foundations of a leading Australian law firm, published by Pan Macmillan Australia, 1995. Adrian Powles had reached the peak of the legal profession as the managing partner of the distinguished law firm of Allen Allen & Hemsley. But Powles was a gambler - at the track, the casino and in the financial marketplace. His partners were dismayed to discover that while running the firm, he had been stealing money from his family and friends. Later, in London, he became embroiled in a financial scam in which money invested by Nauru went on a wild rollercoaster ride around the world. I covered the story of Powles and Allens for The Australian Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald. New, unused copies of this book now sell online for more than $US350.00. If you would like to purchase one from me at a much lower price, please contact me.

  • Cover of Connie Sweetheart - The story of Connie Robertson

    Connie Sweetheart

    The story of Connie Robertson, published by Heinemann, 1990. “Sweetheart” was the middle name of Connie Robertson, the daughter of the Sydney literary figure, A.G. Stephens, and the women’s editor of The Sydney Morning Herald from 1936 until 1962. In those days, most female journalists were confined to the women writers’ room and not allowed to cover news stories. Connie’s pages, however, held up a mirror to Sydney society over many decades. The book tells her own story but it is also a social history of a city.