Contracts hard to come by in a tough year

This has been a difficult and frustrating year for dancers seeking work in Australia and New Zealand.

Sydney Dance Company, the Queensland Ballet, West Australian Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet all held auditions but few contracts were offered.

Among the lucky few are choreographer and dancer, Cass Mortimer Eipper, formerly with the West Australian Ballet and co-director of the dance company, Ludwig, who will join Sydney Dance Company.

Mortimer Eipper’s new ballet, Yes I’ll Move For You, will be performed by the West Australian Ballet in February in Perth.

The Australian Ballet has offered only two contracts to graduates of the Australian Ballet School – Lisa Craig and Cristiano Martino.

As previously posted on dancelines, five other ABS graduates are joining Queensland Ballet, Vito Bernasconi, Alexander Idaszak, Sophie Zoricic, Emilio Pavan and Alec S Roberts while ABS graduate Nicholas Shoesmith has joined the Scottish Ballet.

As Queensland Ballet under its new artistic director, Li Cunxin, gets set for major changes, news has just come in that principal dancer, Keian Langdon is leaving the company this month to pursue a career in contemporary dance. He will be travelling to Europe to audition for companies there.

Joining the Royal New Zealand Ballet are ABS graduates Hayley Donnison, Madeleine Graham and Brittany Haws.

I’ll continue to update this list in the next few weeks.