2012 Genée finalists announced

Twelve dancers have been selected as finalists at the Royal Academy of Dance’s Genée International Ballet Competition in Wellington, New Zealand.

Half are New Zealanders and half Australians and all but three are now training in Australia.

The three finalists training in New Zealand are all students of the Mt Eden Ballet Academy in Auckland.

Only two of the finalists are boys – Harry Davis and Aurelian Child-de-Brocas.

The RAD website does not list all the candidates and which countries they represent so it is not clear if there were any candidates from the United Kingdom, for example, or other countries (apart from Australia and NZ) where the RAD is strongly represented.

The finals will be judged on Saturday 15 December by David McAllister (Australian Ballet), Li Cunxin (Queensland Ballet) and Christopher Hampson (Scottish Ballet).


1. Montana Rubin, aged 15 from The Dance Spot (Australian)
2. Anyah Siddall, aged 16 from Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy (Australian)
3. Sana Sasaki, aged 16 from The Mcdonald College (Australian)
4. Georgina Hills, aged 17 from Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy (Australian)
5. Olivia James-Baird, aged 17 from Mt Eden Ballet Academy (New Zealander)
6. Harry Davis, aged 17 from The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (Australian)
7. Isobelle Dashwood, aged 15 from Classical Coaching Australia, Dance Central (Australian)
8. Kaena Ahern, aged 17 from Mt Eden Ballet Academy (New Zealander)
9. Emma McBeth, aged 18 from Alegria School of Ballet (New Zealander)
10. Kelsey Stokes, aged 16 from Prudence Bowen Atelier (New Zealander)
11. Aurelian Child-de-Brocas, aged 15 from Alegria Dance Studios (New Zealander)
12. Ariana Hond, aged 16 from Mt Eden Ballet Academy (New Zealander)