Joiners and leavers at the Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet has increased its company numbers from 68 full time dancers last year to 79 this year.

New dancers include nine graduates from the Australian Ballet School, Isobelle Dashwood, Evie Ferris, Sean Kiley, Mason Lovegrove, Montana Rubin, Georgia Scott-Hunter, Edward Smith, Aya Watanabe and Lucien Xu, all joining as members of the corps de ballet.

Jake Mangahakia is returning to the company after a two-year break to do missionary work in Canada and Jessica Wood has also returned to the company as a member of the corps de ballet.

Coryphée, Jaqueline Clark, last year joined the company after dancing at the Royal Ballet.

Two further newcomers to the corps are Melody Martin and Nathan Brook, an Australian Ballet graduate who danced with the Queensland Ballet for two years.

As in recent years, few dancers are leaving the company. Former coryph√©e Jessica Fyfe is joining the Stuttgart Ballet and Simon Plant is leaving to pursue ‚Äúdance interests beyond the world of ballet‚ÄĚ.

Promotions this year are Brett Chynoweth and Robyn Hendricks to the rank of senior artist, Benedicte Bemet, Jarryd Madden and Christopher Rodgers-Wilson to the rank of soloist and Jill Ogai to the rank of coryphée.

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Robyn Hendricks, photo © George Antoni

Brett Chynoweth, photo © Jeff Busby