New York City Ballet update

The dispute between the dancers and management at New York City Ballet has been resolved with a compromise.
Under a new two year contract agreement, the dancers will not receive a pay increase in the current year ending in August but will receive a 2.5 per cent increase in the following year. They had asked for a 3 per cent increase for each year.
A report in The Los Angeles Times quotes Alan S. Gordon, executive director of the American Guild of Musical Artists, which represents the 91 dancers of NYCB, as saying they were “certainly angry enough to picket the [May 11 spring] gala; they’ve been angry for years, but things calmed down, thanks to the mediator,” who had been called in.
The ballet company is facing a $US6 million deficit on its $US62 million operating budget.
According to Gordon, the dancers had blamed the deficit on the artistic management of the company which they believed was not appropriately focused and that “the marketing activities of the company are antiquated, and that the combination of the wrong programs and bad marketing is what caused the deficit”.
NYCB’s exective director, Katherine E. Brown defended the company’s marketing strategy.
“In terms of marketing, last year NYCB instituted a marketing campaign that is a major departure from the past, and was meant specifically to appeal to younger and new potential audience members in addition to the loyal core. It has made an enormous impact and in fact was written about extensively in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, both publications having identified it as a groundbreaking campaign.”

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Katherine E Brown, Photo © Paul Kolnik