Promotions, joiners and leavers: The Australian Ballet 2018

The Australian Ballet’s updated Dancers’ page on its website shows the company’s most recent promotions for 2018.

Valerie Tereshchenko and Jade Wood are now senior artists, bringing the number of dancers in that rank to a total of six.

Both dancers were promoted to the rank of soloist a year ago so they’re moving quickly up the ladder.

New soloists this year are Brodie James, Marcus Morelli, Karen Nanasca and Jill Ogai, all of whom were coryphées last year.

Soloist Ben Davis, who joined the Australian Ballet in 2005, has retired from the company.

This year’s new coryphées are Nathan Brook and Corey Herbert, both promoted from the corps de ballet.

Comparing the corps de ballet dancers listed on the company’s website now with the corps de ballet dancers in the Australian Ballet’s program of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2017) it appears that three corps dancers have left the company.

New corps de ballet dancers (not yet shown on the Australian Ballet’s website) are Matthew Bradwell, Daniel Bryne, Serena Graham, Emma Koppelman and Joseph Romancewicz, all graduates of the Australian Ballet School.

Also joining the corps is Katherine Sonnekus, who danced with the company in several productions last year and is now a permanent member.