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The class of ’48, presented by Helpmann at his most “British”

A dancelines’ reader has asked if anyone can identify Elaine Fifield among the dancers in the second video below. She

The Royal Ballet tour of Australia, 1958: the launch of a photographer’s career and the debut of a swan

Today, when a ballet company goes on an international tour, the dancers are lucky to spend a couple of weeks

The Fonteyn Follies of ’62

With the men in miniscule swimming costumes, and the women dressed modestly in summer shirts and cotton trousers, Margot Fonteyn

Elaine Fifield: the student years in Sydney

Trader Faulkner recently sent me this tribute to the ballerina, Elaine Fifield, written by his mother, Sheila Whytock, who had

De Valois, the black queen

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Ninette de Valois, the founder of the Royal Ballet, and,

Elaine Fifield, the first Butterfly

Elaine Fifield

This month’s reprisal of Madame Butterfly by the Australian Ballet evokes memories of the late Australian ballerina, Elaine Fifield. The