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Australia and Coppelia, the boomerang ballet

Coppelia has a unique place in the history of dance in Australia even though the ballet has a multinational history.

Genée medallists for 2015

The Gold medal winner in this year’s GenĂ©e International Ballet Competition went to Leroy Mokgatle from South Africa. Mokgatle, 15,

Laurel Martyn, once a dancer, always a dancer

As a child in the 1920s, Laurel Martyn saw Anna Pavlova dance in Brisbane. Of course she found Pavlova’s performances

Navy Night, Sydney, October 1913: Genée dances the hornpipe

For anyone who lives in Sydney, there’s no doubt that the fleet’s in town with round the clock news of

Genée winners in 2011, the last year of the RAD reign of Dame Antoinette

Three silver medals but no gold were awarded on Sunday at the Royal Academy of Dance’s Genée International Ballet Competition

Bassano studio

Long before Maurice Seymour in Chicago and Max Dupain in Sydney and Melbourne glamourised ballet dancers for the benefit of