Zeglovsky and Pamela Bromley: new update

Following up on my previous posts on the Ballets Russes’ dancer, Valentin Zeglovsky, I’ve now made contact with his son Leo Zeglovskis in England. Leo is the oldest of three sons of Valentin and his wife, the dancer and actor, Pamela Bromley-Smith.

Born Lef Zeglovskis in England in 1954, Leo has twin brothers, Mark and Paul, who are five years younger.

Earlier posts on dancelines give some of the biographical details of Valentin Zeglovsky who remained in Australia after the second Ballets Russes’ tour of Australia in 1938 and who danced with both the Kirsova Ballet and Borovansky Ballet.

Leo has also told me by email that his mother is the woman posing with Valentin in the Max Dupain photos held by the Mitchell Library in Sydney. (A dancelines’ reader, Bob Meade, first made this connection via twitter.)

Valentin’s biography, Ballet Crusade, was “not altogether truthful as my father was something of a fantasist’, Leo told me.

Valentin and Pamela left Australia to live in England soon after they married in 1949.

Ziggy, as he was known, taught ballet in a small studio in Pavilion Road, off Sloane Square in London in the 1950s, Leo said.

Pamela Bromley-Smith, who shortened her name to Pamela Bromley, appeared with the Crazy Gang in their London shows, including Jokers Wild in 1954, staged by Jack Hylton at the Victoria Palace.

The photo of Pamela on the left was taken in Sydney in 1947. Pamela is seen in an Independent Theatre production of Volpone with Jack Faassen, an actor who went on to have a long acting career including a role in the TV series, Number 96.

The tale of Ziggy and Pamela is turning out to be a drama in several acts. I’m sure there will be more!

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